Egg Topped Leftovers

Traveler’s Eating Dilemma

I love to travel. I mean LOVE to travel. I want to see the world every chance I get. Even if it’s a weekend road trip I feel like I return with a renewed appreciation for the people and things around me.

Kicking off sand filled shoes after a vacation to the beach or admiring my new bumps and bruises after a more adventurous trip, I can’t help but smile and say ‘yep, that was awesome.’

This weekend we are heading out West to spend some time with friends and family. Long weekends are the perfect chance to sneak in a getaway without using up too much vacation time while still getting to enjoy the best part of the week with those you love.

The traveler’s eating dilemma that I always find myself in is totally self-imposed. You’ll find out over time that I have a very well stocked kitchen. When going out-of-town for a day or two, that’s not a problem. But, that gorgeous avocado or that perfectly ripe bunch of bananas won’t make it more than a few days. So, there’s the dilemma; eating all the ripe fruit, veggies and leftovers up before we head to the airport.

There are a few strategic meals that you can plan to rid yourself of all those random ingredients. Soup is often a good one, but as the weather warms up I’m not as interested. Pizza is a favorite of mine – I’ve been known to top a pizza with sweet corn, carrots and all sorts of fresh herbs in an effort to remedy the situation. This morning I turned to another great stand by; the egg. Eggs are good on anything and seem to make meal out of even the most random pile of veggies.

Tuesday’s marinated and grilled Portobello mushrooms, Thursday’s spicy seared green beans and half an avocado were on my list this morning. Topped with an egg, a sprinkle of Za’atar seasoning and a pile of sriracha turned this random pile of leftovers into a delicious meal in no time.

Egg Topped Leftovers
How do you get your fridge ready for a trip?

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